Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Rohu Oreo Shake

If you are a health conscious individual. Do not try this at home.

As sinful as it could get, the oreo shake is a family and friend favorite. I have been offered handsome incentives to treat them to it. Its not difficult to make but it definitely brings a smile on your face if you make it right. Do try it if you are in that particular "I dont care" mood...

For 2 servings you will require,

  • Oreo biscuits - 1 small pack  
  • Vanilla ice cream - about two to four big scoops (thats totally upto you buddy :) )
  • chocolate bar- 1 medium (dairy milk compliments the flavor)
  • milk- a glass would be enough (it has to be half ice cream, half milk)
  • sugar- swad anusar, mine has 2 tablespoons
  • chocolate sauce- in tolerable quantity (2 spoons)
  • vanilla essence- half a tablespoon, can be skipped
  • coffee- half tablespoon, pressed (only for the flavour)
Break the biscuits, put them in the blender, Do the same with the chocolate bar and add. Put the sugar, ice cream, chocolate sauce, coffee, milk and essence. You can use different flavours of ice cream like chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch to be innovative. Let them all embrace each other in the blender for about five to ten seconds depending on how you like it, Crunchy or smooth. Putting it in the freezer for fifteen minutes will make the consistency smoother.
Pour in your glass, top it with whipped cream and crushed chocolate or relish it as it is.

And if it doesn't work out, I will not recognize you and secretly remove this post (rubbing hands with evil smile) ... However looking at the ingredients, you will have a fair idea, that it can hardly go wrong except if you make it too sweet... 

Have a Great Day



  1. Haha thanks for sharing this one!
    I am so eager to try this out :) :)
    (Just that my stupid exams get over;) )
    Would definitely send you the pics :P

  2. hahaha...nice one ROHU...will surely try them...I love these biscuits...unfortunately I'm also having exam time...but its seems great... :D :D :D

  3. Print out given to wifey...expecting one in the afternoon

    Thanx a ton...

    1. hahaha!! and what incentive did you offer her??

  4. sounds gooey and delicious!! who cares about some extra calories

  5. Oreo is to biscuits what BMW is to cars.:-) Period.

    1. DITTO!! :D
      THO its Aston Martin 177 for me.. all time beloved.. choco chip cookies! :D

  6. SLUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPP!!! Why oh why you torture me like this when I'm trying to cut back! Super YUM this is.

  7. Yeah...with these ingredients nothing can go wrong! Of course it can so happen that the individual ingredients are more delicious than the resultant mixture!

    1. hahahaha!! you must try it to find out.. :D

  8. Oh you'll make me sinfully die ..Playing with oreos your way.. I give out a heavenly cry! :P

  9. woohhoo!!! more more, i want more ^_^