Friday, April 13, 2012


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They sat together for another hour. The Grandma got up to go inside advising the same to her.

"Badi Ma" she called, Grandma turned

"I know you know it all." Badi ma was motionless

 "I know you know how Kaveri's father died and when. I know you know his name. I know you know him by face as well. You haven't ever forgotten anything. I wonder how you thought I was going to believe you."

Badi ma opened her mouth but words couldn't come out.

"I understand the dread that the family has. That in case I find Kaveri, the consequences can be disastrous. You think I'd probably become another person altogether. And you think that if I don't find her I'd probably get over in some time and return back to being me."
 She stood up and turned to face her grandmother. "But you probably also realize that you are betraying a father and his daughter. For whatever reason you are committing a sin that your God might not chose to deliver you from. It is his decision that I am standing here. She is purpose of my standing here. You tell me Kaveri can solve the rest of this puzzle. Yes she can. But what about the pieces that you are hiding in your depths?"
The silence between them pierced their hearts.
"You are a parent. You have witnessed the misery and helplessness of seeing your child in agony. You have lost your child before your own eyes.And I know there hasn't been a single day, when you haven't wished him to be back. Is it difficult for you to fathom what I am going through? Or perhaps you can't because you see me as a child. You can hide whatever you chose to Badi Ma, but you also know I am going to find her. And that will be before the Kumbh celebrates its last day."

Badi Ma was still silent, but was speaking through her tears. 

"I understand. You need not share anything with me. But don't lie to me either. In any case, you'll meet Kaveri soon."

She turned and walked the other way, deciding to face the crowd on her own now.

Grandmother watched as she disappeared into the crowd. She knew the words were said not by her grand daughter but by the man whose identity she had been hiding all these years. She knew the father's patience had ended.

She knew she was going to meet Kaveri soon. 


  1. I have gotten lost after part 3. will you write a abridged version anytime soon?

  2. I don't think this is to your taste Rohan. Abridged version for a seven page story?

  3. How I am loving this Rohu! Pleeeeez complete it asap!!

  4. This is getting better and better!! Read 4th and 5th chapter together :)
    Please pleaseeee.....complete it soon!!!

  5. I agree with CD here. Getting better and better as the story is building...