Thursday, April 12, 2012


Chapter 1  Chapter 2 

The world went by slowly. People never hurried. Walking at a certain pace, never too slow, never too fast. He wondered about these men as he passed them. About their lives, their ambitions, their dreams. How it had increasingly become limited to the boundaries of their town and their colonized minds.

He stared at his feet. His worn out chappals demanded to be laid to rest. She'd be angry if she came to know he was exploiting them still. He thought of her. The dilemma did not seem to have an answer. The atmosphere was charged up, there had been several attacks on government servants and in a few cases, even their families. He couldn't leave her alone. No. That wasn't an option. Then should he take her? There did not seem another option.

The tonga stopped at his house. He paid the man and stepped down.

The noticed that the doors had been painted. He had thought about getting the work done, but office kept him occupied. Funny, how she knows everything thats going on in his mind and how she manages it all.
He called the servant from outside. Shankar opened the door and smiled.

"You came early today Saab ?"
"Yes, not much work, people are leaving for the Kumbh " he explained as he entered the house. "Get the water Shankar"
Bhanu came with the water. He washed his feet and changed to khadaoos (wooden slippers). "Hide them, she must not know" he said handing him the chappals and smiling in conspiracy to the helper. Bhanu smiled back as he took them.
He entered his room. The lamp had been lit. He sunk in rocking chair and recalled the events of the day.
His mother was breathing her last. She wanted the Ganga jal from Allahabad. She wanted him to bring it and pour it in her mouth before she transcends the earthly ties. His being an atheist had nothing to do with it.
He had to go. But...
There was a knock on his door. "Aa jao" he said. She entered quietly, with the tray and placed it on the stool beside him.
"Ajwain ki Poori?" he asked delightfully. Have you made more? The children at the ashram love it.
She smiled. "I went there in the afternoon and had lunch with them. They were asking about you."
He looked at her hands as she handed him the tea. The bangles. They had always been on her wrist, ever since... ever since.. he did not want to recall.
"How was your day?" she asked as she took a little stool to sit down.
"AH alright, not too great" he said breathing heavily and sipped his tea.
"Whats bothering you?"... He looked at her, what was the use hiding.
"Ma", he said, "She wants me to go to Allahabad, to the Kumbh, and get Ganga jal for her. I dont think I have another option. She feels she isn't going to last long".
She shook her head "Yes, she hasn't been keeping well. I think we must go and visit her as soon as possible"
He agreed. "But what about Allahabad? Will you come with me? I'm not in a mood to leave you behind. Ever since Quit India has started, there have been quite a few incidents of violence. I wont let you stay alone"
She smiled, "Then I shall come along, you were talking about the ashram there, I think you should look into that matter as well."
It was his turn to smile. "Yes, yes,that also has to looked after.And I will get to meet Satyadev also. Its been quite a while. Meera had come to meet her mother the other day. She was asking about you."

"She is a very kind lady. Janmejay wants to become a lawyer like his father I heard"
"Hmmm, he is quite like Satyadev. He shall make his family proud"
"So then its final. I'll come with you and do all the darshans on your behalf".
He smiled as she she gathered the plate and the cup. "Shall I make more tea?"
"Hmmm.. Elaichi wali, kadak" both laughed.
As she was leaving he spoke,


she turned

"God bless you my child"

"You are my God, Baba"