Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Conversation

A bench that I will forever remember
For words said and heard
Words between loneliness and solitude
And the path walked up to another
Words between hurt and numbness
And the morphine 

Words to feel or seem to feel
To pick up the pieces and start again
To live differently from what we are
To be the people we never were
To run away and come back to ourselves
But we’re not the same now.

Words between suffer and hope
To light the candle that burns us
Words between dreams and reality
Standing across the bridge
Waiting with tired gaze
For the hope that has run late

Words between young and old
To embrace the advice of time
Graying hair, dying forts and barren trees
Tell the wandering souls
That shores shall forget them
And footprints be washed away

Words between bees and pigeons
Wounded and wet
But taking off again
To return home like nothing had happened
Dancing in the hive or cuddling in the nest
Never to share or complain

Words between dogs and men
And their names and games
Their aims and their blames
When we confuse one red for another
And run after wagging carefree tails
To help soothe the pain that was never felt

It rained on a cold February night
And all of the world’s pain was washed away for a brief moment
But it swept back
To fill the crevices of our souls again
Till pain makes way for no more pain
And we breathe back to our numbness

Words between cloaks and layers
For our fabric inside is torn
And once in a long while
We snatch a moment
To mend it
And go forth again

The wet clay
Given to inexperienced hands
Now distorted pots
But holding the water still
For a thirsty traveler
Who wouldn't care

Words between words and words
The ones that we hang on to
The curse that we have learnt to cherish
The noise is our music
We know the notes
For so often it has been played

Words between the paths we take
Different and yet the same
Fighting a “civil” war
Inside our heads
To be or not to be
Let us decide upon another day

This bench that I will forever remember
For words said and heard
Words of a soul sublime
Weaved into a quilt
By unseen threads of light
To keep you warm on a harsh winter night.