Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Dream

Let there be a day
When the world forgets
My existence humble
When i will not be known
By those who love me so well
And by those 
Who hate me to swell
When i will need no name
to be remembered or scorned
When memories will not haunt
The near empty mansions of life
When my tear would cease to matter
And my laugh cease to delight
When my words would not be cared for
And my pain would not be bright
I would sit in the company of wise blue deodars
And breathe the coolness of calm
Listen to the whispers of eager winds
And complains  of weeping waters
The moon would beseech me to not sleep
And keep him company in his quarters
Tell me how well he loved the sun 
And would keep her sheen in crystal jars
The ivory lover spoke all night
Swore his love was true
I asked him if she loved him too
He shook his head in silence
I am a rock, she is a star
I worship my Goddess from afar
She gives you warmth and rain
She is the source of your life beloved
While I play with salty waters 
And shine embracing her kindly light
You will not see my face when she is in sight
She is the center of ten worlds proclaimed
Who am i then, a piteous orb
But no regrets he gallantly claimed
Of my feelings i shall never boast
For the earth you sit on dear creature
Is what she and I love the most. 
I guard the daughter by the night
In the morning she lovingly rises
Mother of the beautiful child
Holding hands in cloudy guises.
And then i shall come again to play 
And sing the cherub to sleep
I think the kid loves me well
She resembles her mother in deep
And so till he spoke I listened with love
And then he beheld his glorious queen
Smiled at me and waved goodbye
Mother wrapped the child in a happy green.
I go back to sleep again
Until ma wakes me up.
The world comes back to me 
With the touch of the coffee cup...

Friday, September 16, 2011

"Why this is hell, nor am I out of it.
Think'st thou that I, who saw the face of God,
And tasted the eternal joys of heaven,
Am not tormented with ten thousand hells
In being deprived of everlasting bliss?"

Doctor Faustus - Christopher Marlowe

Nothing at all

Time slipped through her sweaty palms
And she slipped through her existence
Pleasing and laughing
Her demented self
Dragged itself in the motionless calms
She feared the fire, as it chased her
Every candle she lit, burnt her down
Sometimes slowly, sometimes at once
Her charred remains fell on the tired earth
And she rose again to walk
She lifted her hands and touched the humid air
It touched her back
And ran down her neck as a curious drop
To disappear in the melancholy of her skin
She laughed again
The wind tried to plait the whims of her hair
And the grass wept below her naked feet
She felt nothing and spoke much
Of care and promises
She sifted her heart through the sieves of hope
To find a morsel of feeling to feed upon
Hungrily she looked, starved and white
But alas! Everything she had devoured
To bring her back after she lay dead every time
Her ghost smiled and shrieked
She fell down on indifferent sands
the Sun in conversation with musing clouds
About a woman who is so dead yet not
The sands took pity at last
And hid her under their whispering prisms
Come they said, come back to where you belonged.
The candles melted away.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

dough work.. :D by Rohu...

in Euphooooria

PiNg Cobra

to BEE or not to BEE

Krishna in colours

The blue eyed BUOY

He LOST his legs, because i had lost the patience...

Because she is green with envy..

Wrigley s

Its a biiiiiigggg world...

ho ja Rangeela re... :D


Mum named her ROBILI ;)

Crazy FrOg... :P

For making me, me

If I were a butterfly, an entomologist would probably pin me up
If I were a robin in a tree, they'll chop it down and export to Europe
If I were a fish in the sea,they'll swallow me whole with a warm cup o tea
So I just thank you Father for making me, me
For I gave me a dart and I gave me the style
I gave me Satan and I made me hostile
And I just thank you Father for making me, me
If I were an elephant,they'll make ivory idols my precious tusk
If I were a kangaroo, you know i'll only end up in a zoo
If I were an octopus, they'll cook me up without any fuss
So I just thank you Father for making me, me
For i made me so smart and i made me so guile
I gave me hatred and they call themselves vile
And I just thank you Father for making me, me
If I were a wiggly worm,i'll be broken into 2 and thrown in the farm
If I were a fuzzy wuzzy bear, i'll be skinned in no time to bleeding despair
If I were a crocodile, I'll be found on designer bags, forget my Nile
So I just thank you Father for making me, me
For i gave me the art  i have you to beguile
I gave me Envy and i made hope futile
And I just thank you Father for making me, me....

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Sparrow

And so the wounded sparrow
Came to me and wept
Said Satan and Moloch were men
Hope away from the planet swept
Bleeding through dying whispers
She spoke of her loving nest
Her son and daughter lonely
Waiting for the warmth of her chest
She smiled to remember there was happiness once
In the realms of her little world and beyond
When brothers and sisters in chorus sang
And beings and birds shared a loving bond
But now fires were raging
Their were shrieks, and pain and grief
But now men thirsted blood alone
And lived in souls of a terrible belief
She had seen them lying in blent red heaps
She had seen them hunt and laugh
She told me what one sows, he reaps
And prayed i write it on her epitaph
I questioned her why then little thing
Are you dying with the deeds of mindless men
She laughed and stared at her bleeding wing
Because i had prayed for a happy heaven
In this world answer me if wise you are
Can i be happy to breathe and sing
In this world black, bitter and dour
Will my loved children ever want to swing
I will go now to a happier place
And they shall come to me soon i know
If you see them, please remember to say
That their mother sleeps on a blissful bow
My tear dropped in her eye and ran down
But it neither moved nor blinked
On wet earth i lay her, in a quiet grieving brown
And what she had asked, on a paper I inked
The rain washed away her forgotten words
She embraced her loving earth
In the grey skies sighed the lonely birds
and I never saw her children.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Letter to the Tumor.. PART 1

Okay, so i am not sure whether you are hiding in my spine or sitting at the top of my touchy adrenals or smoking in some other quiet muscle. And for all the mess that i have been going through for the past two months you refuse to take any blame. That damned hollow abominable machine kept torturing me and the mother  for a good two hours and a half while you were out there somewhere sniggering at my plight. I was only half the the human i am when i came out but you had no pity. Whether they did a thin slice or a thick slice, you just made a sandwich out of it and gobbled it up. Then the poor doc looks at my bp of a 220/170 and smiles helplessly. MORON
and of all the names that could exist in the world, you had to be called something  like PHEOCHROMOCYTOMA. :
What does this mean dude? for all your impressive uselessness that you have proudly exhibited in the past few weeks. if you had been a person, i swear, i would locked you up in a room and played non stop Reshamiya songs, full volume. You would then know what it feels to be in an MRI machine for three hours, bladder full... :/
And to top it all, you refuse to be malignant,so i cant even feel melodramatic and give good speeches which people would listen to and praise me. You don't even guarantee me substantial attention. Only minutes of insanely high blood pressure, this vahiyat backache and and sulking relatives. You know you are as faltu as Left Ventricular Concentric Hypertrophy. :P
dude ya... I've not had a morsel of good adventure in life. and you are certainly not my idea of adventure. I know you love my adrenals or my spinal cord or whatever, but attachment of this sort is not worth it..Google laproscopy if you feel like knowing what my funny little surgeon feels like doing to you. and certainly, do Google yourself, yeah that's what you look like. :P

Yours Unfaithfully