Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Sparrow

And so the wounded sparrow
Came to me and wept
Said Satan and Moloch were men
Hope away from the planet swept
Bleeding through dying whispers
She spoke of her loving nest
Her son and daughter lonely
Waiting for the warmth of her chest
She smiled to remember there was happiness once
In the realms of her little world and beyond
When brothers and sisters in chorus sang
And beings and birds shared a loving bond
But now fires were raging
Their were shrieks, and pain and grief
But now men thirsted blood alone
And lived in souls of a terrible belief
She had seen them lying in blent red heaps
She had seen them hunt and laugh
She told me what one sows, he reaps
And prayed i write it on her epitaph
I questioned her why then little thing
Are you dying with the deeds of mindless men
She laughed and stared at her bleeding wing
Because i had prayed for a happy heaven
In this world answer me if wise you are
Can i be happy to breathe and sing
In this world black, bitter and dour
Will my loved children ever want to swing
I will go now to a happier place
And they shall come to me soon i know
If you see them, please remember to say
That their mother sleeps on a blissful bow
My tear dropped in her eye and ran down
But it neither moved nor blinked
On wet earth i lay her, in a quiet grieving brown
And what she had asked, on a paper I inked
The rain washed away her forgotten words
She embraced her loving earth
In the grey skies sighed the lonely birds
and I never saw her children.


  1. Mind blowing expression. I was attracted by the description on IB 'tales of bleeding wings'. Poem is marvelous!

  2. Wow....This is done very well. A very powerful write.

    1. Thank you Shamsud.. for being appreciative always.. :)

  3. The wordings were impeccable... emotive n powerful...loved it....I am in awe of u :)

    1. Thanks Ritesh... That makes my day! :)