Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Dream

Let there be a day
When the world forgets
My existence humble
When i will not be known
By those who love me so well
And by those 
Who hate me to swell
When i will need no name
to be remembered or scorned
When memories will not haunt
The near empty mansions of life
When my tear would cease to matter
And my laugh cease to delight
When my words would not be cared for
And my pain would not be bright
I would sit in the company of wise blue deodars
And breathe the coolness of calm
Listen to the whispers of eager winds
And complains  of weeping waters
The moon would beseech me to not sleep
And keep him company in his quarters
Tell me how well he loved the sun 
And would keep her sheen in crystal jars
The ivory lover spoke all night
Swore his love was true
I asked him if she loved him too
He shook his head in silence
I am a rock, she is a star
I worship my Goddess from afar
She gives you warmth and rain
She is the source of your life beloved
While I play with salty waters 
And shine embracing her kindly light
You will not see my face when she is in sight
She is the center of ten worlds proclaimed
Who am i then, a piteous orb
But no regrets he gallantly claimed
Of my feelings i shall never boast
For the earth you sit on dear creature
Is what she and I love the most. 
I guard the daughter by the night
In the morning she lovingly rises
Mother of the beautiful child
Holding hands in cloudy guises.
And then i shall come again to play 
And sing the cherub to sleep
I think the kid loves me well
She resembles her mother in deep
And so till he spoke I listened with love
And then he beheld his glorious queen
Smiled at me and waved goodbye
Mother wrapped the child in a happy green.
I go back to sleep again
Until ma wakes me up.
The world comes back to me 
With the touch of the coffee cup...