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She was woken up by her grandmother's early morning Aarti. Everyone else was still asleep.
It was still dark outside. She got up, wrapped herself in the shawl and went outside. It was quiet except the distant sounds of the temple bells announcing the morning. She sat outside the camp. Once again her thoughts wandered back to Kaveri and then her own demented self.
A few years ago, she was a loner. A complicated, terrified, and absolutely confused child. She had a doting family but there were things that were beyond their grasp. For fifteen years, she had ceaseless nightmares. Then they turned into coherent pictures. They didn't remain dreams at all. By seventeen, she was living two lives. She had stopped answering the call to her name. And she was incessantly searching for familiar faces among strangers.
Whenever in crowds, she invariably had asthma attacks. The doctors identified this as psychosomatic. Her mother thought otherwise. Deriving the conclusion from her daughter's disturbed nights, which indicated that there was some reason for the phobia. A large part of her dreams were shared only with her mother. Ma was convinced that even though something was disturbing her,it will gradually fade away with time.

Things started getting out of hand, when once in her grandmother's old album she chanced upon a few old photographs, and recognized most of the people present in them. Even her grandfather's parents whom she had not heard of before that day.
"Satyadev and Meera" she said in a trance, in a different tone and voice. "Its been a long time"
Her grandmother stood there, aghast.
But the grandchild had no explanation for the words that came out of her mouth.

They decided it was time to visit a Psychiatrist.
Dr. S.M Singh was a name in his field. First look at the lady and he knew it wasn't an ordinary case. After half   a dozen hypnotic sessions and half a dozen counselling meets, his patient's nightmares had ceased. and he had got rewarded with the most intriguing case of his career span.

"Past Life" he said, as he showed the videos of her session to her parents. "She doesnt recall all of it, but certain people hold special significance. She was a man . She (He) was working under the British Government. Had some land in Allahabad. Had a wife called Sumitra who died of consumption. Lost three sons. Had a close friend called Satyadev and his wife Meera, who are as you revealed, your grandparents. Had to go and get Ganga jal from Kumbh for his ailing mother. And then there is Kaveri. Someone that mattered to him possibly more than anything. Its remarkable Mr. Tomar, but your daughter is not one of the regular cases we have read about. The time she is talking about is probably the the 1940's. She doesn't recall a lot of things. Especially nothing after the part where they made up their minds to go to Allahabad. Probably, this man expired at that time. But then why is reborn so late and if he was born again as someone else, she does not recall anything with respect to that life. Your daughter or lets say the man who is reborn as your daughter cannot let go of his own daughter. It might sound strange and insane to both of you, but you must try to find this lady, Kaveri, if she is alive. Thats going to give you a lot of answers and perhaps the only way you will be able to calm down your daughter's state of mind"
It was difficult truth for the family to absorb, but nevertheless, they knew there was no other explanation.
She had calmed down after the counselling. She finished her higher studies and started working. She even became decently patient in crowds. But Kaveri, her only quest remained unanswered.

Grandmother came and sat beside her. "I know it keeps bothering you" she said as she gently stroked her grand daughter's hair. You know, I always wondered why you were forever inclined towards the masculine things" They laughed.
"Badi Ma, why don't I recognize myself ? Why don't I remember my own name? If you have so many pictures of Satyadev, then I must be there in some of them. Why can't I recognize my own face?"
She laughed. "Its so funny how you so casually call your great grand father by name. But its natural I guess. Its awkward sometimes." she smiled, "And as for your query, I don't really know the reason. Perhaps its pre- destined that rest of the puzzle should be completed by Kaveri."
She leaned on her grandmother's shoulder. "Do you remember anything about her?"
"Only that she was a wonderful human being. By the time I got married to your grandfather, she had sort of closed herself to the world. Attempts to contact her were all in vain. They said the trauma of her father's death was too much for her to bear, she met no one for decades. Then we moved to London. When we came back, it had been a long time.

The tears came unchecked. The agony pierced her heart. Kaveri had no one. She couldn't bear to imagine the ordeal and the pain the child must have gone through. How must she have managed? Without help, without support. How did she survive the cruel world?

But she did. She was still alive and she was waiting. Her heart swelled with pride and love.
"Isn't it a miracle? My child is so strong and brave. So brave. She managed to live through the ordeal. She managed it alone! Isn't it amazing? I shall find her now. I wont let my daughter suffer any longer. I shall do anything to find her. I'll find my Kaveri"

Grandma listened and in the light of the Sun's first orange rays saw the love of a longing father speak in her grand daughter's voice and shine through her hazel eyes.


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