Saturday, April 14, 2012


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She could hear her heart thumping. All of her existence was to bring to life this very moment.
Taarush's word were still ringing in her ears and she still believed that what passed a little while before was a dream. Thing's couldn't turn out so bitter. Their bond wasn't one of blood today. But it was much more than that, it had transcended  lives to keep promises and answer prayers.
The room was humbly furnished. A single bed, a few chairs and table, cupboard, bookshelves, and her puja. She saw the father's photo kept in the center of all deities. She could almost hear her say. "You are my God Baba."
She imagined Kaveri in the room. Writing letters, reading books, praying, resting. It was impossible for her to imagine her old and frail and ill. It was a shattering feeling to come close to visualizing something close to that. memories came back. She closed her eyes. All answers, all questions were laid to rest.
"Beta" came a voice. She opened her eyes, not sure if her heart was beating anymore. She knew the voice.
She turned around and so did her world.
They stared at each other, with the same expression, with the same stunned mind and heart, with the same awe.
Neither moved.
In front of her was standing, the reason of her breaths, the reason why her soul survived the cosmic upheavals to be born again, the reason why all laws nature defines in its disciplines were defied to make reunite a father with his daughter.
She had wondered about her reaction, when she'd meet Kaveri, of how she would react to her grey hair and wrinkles, to her frail structure and weakness.
But nothing of the sort happened. To father's eyes a child will always be a child. He only saw his Kaveri. His beautiful angelic daughter standing in front of him.
She took a step forward. A tear appeared to witness the moment.
Kaveri remained where she was, silent and motionless. Had she recognized him?
It was too much for her. She came forward, touched her daughter's feet and embraced her, the world had to stop here. A few moments later the daughter embraced her back. They wept, one knowing and one unknowing of the miracles that had had woven their souls together.
Then she heard Kaveri laugh, they parted, she laughed as well.
"Strange things happen child. We just met and look at us.." she smiled and put a hand on her cheek.
"You reminded me of someone. I cant say why or how. For a moment I felt he was standing right here in front of me"
"Your Father?"
She looked stunned." How do you know?"
"ah nothing, just a guess. Did Taarush tell you...?"
"Yes yes he did, come sit."
The sat opposite each other.
"Children are hardly interested in their grand parents these days. How come you know about your great grand father and his friend?"
she hardly had an answer "Well, I was going through an old album one day, when I found Sayadev and Meera in one of the..."
She laughed, just like she used to "You call your Great grand parents by name beta?"
she fumbled for some explanation.
"Its ok dont worry, yes your Great grand father and my father were great great friends. Very fond of each other. You are Janmejay's grand daughter?"
"How is he, I never met your family after... after Baba passed away"
"Yes, Gradma told me, Dada passed away almost a decade back"
"Am sorry to hear that"
Kaveri was just the same, her tone, her manner, her disposition. Nothing had changed.
"Your father, you were very attached to him I believe"
Kaveri was silent, then she wiped off a tear..
"were attached?" she smiled "I am still very attached to him. He meant everything to me child. He had been my mother, father, sibling, friend, guide.. everything. When such bonds exist between two souls, they are never broken."
It was her turn to wipe the tear.
"You are a very sensitive child. Whats your name waise? Taarush didn't even tell me"
She fell silent.
"What happened beta. Are you alright?'
"Yes. I think I'll have some water."
"Wait I'll get you. I shall make you some tea as well. Calm down."
She went across to the table to fetch the water.
"Acha tell me, what sort of tea do you like? Adrak wali banaoo?
"Elaichi wali... Kadak"
The glass fell down.
She got up, they faced each other again. This time both knew the miracle.

"Baba" she gasped and fell on her kness.


  1. Phew! Am breathing now...this was awesome, seriously :). Of course, it has a few minor things, will talk bout it offline. Wonderful story, rohu - touching. Keep it up!

  2. I went through the entire story today, flitting listlessly back and forth in time, births and stifled emotions. I like the way you have sustained the thread of loss and helplessness through the story.

  3. I loved the way you brought up the threads together here. I think you mentioned the tea in second chapter. On to the last part now...