Saturday, April 14, 2012


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"And please Phuphaji, please look into it earnestly. I cant tell you the reason. But it matters a lot and lot to me. Please"
Her phuphaji was an IPS officer posted in Lucknow. It wasn't difficult for him to find out Kaveri even though she had no substantial information about her. Phuphaji had promised help and agreed to do it confidentially. He and Bua were very fond of their confused niece.
It was a pleasant day. She decided to visit Jayant House.
The address wasn't difficult. After a few turns, things started looking familiar.
She believed it was Deja vu. She hadn't been to this area before.
She asked no one, took help from no one and before long, her feet had led her to stand in front of a gate.
"Jayant House" read the board.

In a dream she had entered these gates. The place, the building, it was all there before. Suddenly the world transformed itself into another. She was seeing things, hearing voices. A hundred people talking, a hundred visions sweeping before her eyes. She hid her face fell down on her knees.
"Hey whats wrong?Are you alright? Whats happening?" someone took her by the shoulders and helped her.
The visions stopped. She opened her eyes. Taarush stood before her, completely shocked.
"What the hell happened? Are you alright? I'll call a doc immediately:"
She stopped him. "Nah am absolutely alright. I think its the sun. Got a little dizzy. Am fine"
He gave her a "I don't trust you" look
"Arre baba, I'm telling you I am fine. Wont you take me inside?"
He was still uncertain but led her inside.
The corridors appeared overwhelmed but a picture on the walls paralyzed her.
"That's Ma with her beloved father."

The phone rang, kept ringing.She received it in a trance. It was Badi Ma.
"His name was Jayant. Jayant Shekhar Singh. Forgive me..." she hung up.
Taarush inquired again if she was alright.
"Yes. So this is Ma and her father you were telling me"
"Yup, thats the man, whose dream Ma has lived all her life. This was his house once upon a time. He worked for the British Government but had planned to retire and turn this place into a children's home. Unfortunately he died in a stampede at the Kumbh in 1942. Ma was very young then, but still she gathered up all her courage, sold every belonging, left every comfort and came here to set up the ashram. We've come a long way since then."

Her heart had sunk as she stared at the picture of the man and his entire universe gathered up in his arms.
Her lost world came back to her.
"What was his name?"
"Jayant" replied Taarush "Jayant Shekhar Singh. And that little angel,Ma, her name is.."

"Kaveri" replied the father.


  1. WOW...That was awesome, the way you unfolded the events here...