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It had been years since she had last visited the Hanuman temple.
She dreaded coming here in the early years, and when she had finally mustered up the courage, her family had no explanation as to how she knew ever nook and corner of the temple. She even told them how the temple came into existence. Which on verification turned out to be true. It was a mystery then. Today the unusual truth had become a usual part of their lives.
She noticed a group of young and exceptionally well behaved and happy children as she entered the temple premises. They were in the company three young adults,a woman and two men. Inspite of the tempest raging inside her, she couldn't help but smile. She loved children, loved them since ages, loved them through lives.
After the darshan, she went to the children to give them the prasad. They were wonderfully warm.
In no time she became one of them.
As the children proceeded to do the darshan, one little girl came back and sat in her lap.
"You are not doing the darshan baba?" she asked the child
"Ma says pray to God only when you remember him. I am not remembering him now"
Funny how that sounded so familiar
"Where is your Ma baby?"
"At home, she is old na. Doesn't keep well"
She was now getting an idea. These children were probably from some home. But it impressed her how they were so well taken care of.
"Whats your name?" she asked.
Again the simple question tore apart the fabric of her mind.
"Call me Didi. alright? Whats yours?"
"Divya. I am four years old. And I can write full ABCD"
She laughed and hugged the child, overwhelmed with loved.
The rest of the children came back, Divya freed herself from her embrace and ran to them.
One of the men accompanying them came to her.
"So you are fond of children it seems." He smiled warmly.
"Yes" she said. "They are beautiful in all their being. Their love is uninhibited and pure. I love children."
He looked at her intently
"Ma thinks exactly the same. Its nice to come across people like you once in a while. Divya was very comfortable in your company"
She smiled and took the prasad he offered. "Yes, I am thankful to God that kids are able to tolerate me. They are a major source of my happiness. Tell me about them. Are they from some school?"
"They are God's children. They don't have parents. But they have a huge family. In Ma, in us and in each other. We are from the Jayant House if you know. I wont like to call it an orphanage. Its a home for children."
She was touched by his words. He was living a life she had always dreamed to live. She was envious and at the same time in complete awe of these people.
"Thats amazing. I'd love to visit sometime soon. If thats allowed I mean."
He laughed. "Allowed? You'll be welcomed with open arms. Warmth in your heart is the only criterion required for entering Jayant House mam"
"Thats nice to hear. May I know the address?'
"Ofcourse" he said and explained her the address in detail."Although you can enter without a prob, but still in case if something bothers, call for me, my name is Taarush."
"Nice to meet you Taarush" they shook hands.
"And you are?" He enquired.
The damned terrible question. She hesitated but knew she couldn't avoid it but she couldn't answer it either.
"The Lunatic" she replied, he laughed in confused surprise.
"Haha? No but really? What..."
"Ah leave it.I'll tell you when I come there. Its a long story. Know me as the lunatic for now"
"Umm.. ok... as you say mam" he gave her a bewildered smile."You stay here?"
"Ah.. am staying at the camps abhi, till the Kumbh"
"Ah lovely, enjoying yourself?"
"Yeah. Kind of"
They chatted for some more time. She was surprised to know that he was a software engineer by profession but had dedicated himself to this service.
"I really appreciate your zeal Taarush. I'm highly envious"
He laughed again."Come to Jayant House. You'll never cease to be surprised.That lady there is a lawyer in Allahabad High Court and the man is an MBA from California"
"Thats absolutely remarkable!! but I also think they are waiting for you. I must not keep you any longer. I'll visit Jayant House as soon as I possibly can."
They took each others leave, she waved to the cherubs.
As she walked back to the camp, she knew she felt better than she had in a long time.


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  4. Lovely narration and the introduction of a new character brings freshness...

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