Thursday, November 03, 2011


What did leave and what did not
What is left behind is lost
Why to weep these waters hot
Why to think you loved it most

Of that bloom that withered young
Of that star that fell tonight
Of that song that died unsung
In the shades of whispering light

In despair lies the broken glass
In numbness lies the wine
A time that doth refuse to pass
In pain two world entwine

And slumber shall not visit thy bed
For on silken sheets is agony spread


  1. Loved this piece :)
    What you lose on the swings, you gain on the roundabouts!
    Here's hoping you gain all that your heart desires in life :)
    I have a suggestion btw, You should start writing professionally! People are missing out on the flair that abounds in you!

  2. true... you always gain something for something you lose.. and vice versa ofcourse... :) thanks a million tons for appreciating my love... I am in a very naive stage with the pen and will not torment the reader by profession... but because there are wonderful people like you who provide such a wonderful encouragement.. i promise u that good or bad i will keep writing till i breathe.. please do the same.. :) lots of love!!

  3. Will surely do - as long as people like you keep inspiring me with their warm and touching words :)