Wednesday, November 09, 2011


The temple bells announce the morn
I lie awake through the night
Out of darkness the light is born
I behold the blessed sight

Orange and red, yellow and white
After the grey, blue and black
The presence and the absence of light
An open door, a seething crack

Unread people unread books
Scattered in chaos
In sleepy mirror the stranger looks
Empty worlds across

Peep into the darkness
But take a candle along
Bring a prayer to bless me
Sing a little song

Love with all my white
Hate with all my green
Dancing with wrong and right
Flirting with selfless and mean

I told her I have tied me up
She pulled out the same card
Sipping  bitterness from a cup
Wondering if I was scarred

Closing my eyes to numbness mauve
I questioned my musing shades
We agreed we both love Anton Chekhov
A curious content invades

We thought and spoke and cried
In Californication and Hodo
Like two tramps in the middle of happy nowhere
Smiling while waiting for Godot.

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