Monday, November 21, 2011


"In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria!! wots ur pick?"
My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Gaurav Sharma for thus updating his facebook status, for it was these lines and his love and my hatred of spirit that led to one of the awesomest poetry battles of my life and thus getting a 

 chance to know one of the coolest knights ever!! The name is Kunal Mathur.

It was totally a decision of random fate that we met each other and I consider myself extremely fortunate. The 
first time I came across his "ninja awesome" blog, I was intoxicated with a heavy dose of the lethal combination of envy and pure appreciation. Here was my blog stuffed with poorly attempted metaphysical poetry and here is this guy, importing his ideas from God knows which incredible heaven and packaging them in sentences akin to the symphonies of Beethoven. I was mesmerized.

It is difficult to recommend any one entry from his blog, as it is difficult to recommend a shade of the rainbow to musing grey clouds.. each one in its own right is beautifully unique. Contemporary, classic, abstract, absurd, random, historical, modern, mythology, philosophy, art... you'll find a delightful read on everything. And not to forget the amazing illustrations!! Like crisp walnuts in a gooey sinful brownie. Couldn't be better! :)

And the man! Decidedly the most well read and accomplished man of his age that I have met. Somebody who fearlessly dives in the whimsical oceans of thoughts, collects all the priceless pearls from all the stubborn shells and walks backs to the shore in humble triumph. And with them he saves the souls dying in the stagnation in the catastrophe of life.

Of wearing many hats. Yes HE has got heads more than the great Ravana.. and hence the hats fit in perfectly. what i am talking about is a Knight on a Royal Enfield whose sword fights battles in ink, who has knowledge equivalent to perhaps twenty nine and a half Rohinis, who composes music so original and pleasing that if he was in the music industry, the likes of Reshamiya and Malik would have been starving on the streets. Whose reading interests range from Kafka to Camus to Aghodis and who is a Chemical Engineer by education! Imagine good people. 

And yet today this gem of a human being about whom I can write another hundred pages has generously decided to bestow on my humble works the gift of Sunshine. Am I grateful? much more than that. Only I know how apprehensive I was when I began writing. Never thought a living soul would read them and then the ever merciful Almighty sends in people of his likes who encourage you in such a profound way that you feel that the only way to chose is ahead.

Thank you Kunal for being such a genuine friend and for making me believe in myself. This is a priceless gift and will be cherished always. :)
Stay awesome always....!!!

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  1. When this entry was posted, I took out a print and I keep that paper with me always. This piece of paper is the only thing I cling on to when I suffer from low self esteem.