Friday, November 04, 2011

Never know

What should I write
That pleases your wit
My weak words anaemic
Sink in my humble existence
A moment you thought of a masterpiece
It did not inspire me enough
But I would remain silent
For i cannot face your hurt
Opting to be shallow or deep
You taught me thats the world
I wondered what I really was
A dying root or a withering leaf
You once laid a flower in that young book
It is now forever yours to be
And i in painful envy stand
To be decided upon another day
On quiet nights you wish for rains
And hum old dear love songs
And then I fall in love again
And pray to mocking Gods
I'll never know where we really belong
Perhaps i should not try
For where you say your peace shall be
Is where I shall call it home.


  1. Its like a song. Has that departure in it, once you start reading it, you leave your world and enter the author's world. Only when the poem ends do u realize that you still are in fuked up reality. This, is art :)

  2. See, I was right again! Your words are beautiful!
    There's always something sublime about them - something rooted that never fails to do this one thing - bring a smile on your face! :)

  3. OH MY!! two great writers and such generous compliments!!! :D thanks guys!! feels very nice!