Saturday, October 08, 2011

About you...

As the sun sketched her golden silhouette
Admiring himself in her eyes
Still she stood in the sleepy halls
Like a sage a thousand year wise
She walked in firm yet gentle steps
And spoke in the happy lark's voice
Tall and fair in the lights of thought
In tales of old pens rejoice
A warmer shade air she breathed
A quieter shade of life
A happier state of bliss she felt
In the realms of her conquered strife
They said she stood apart
They said she stood alone
He came and took her hand
And chasing demons were gone
She walked a path unread
She beheld a hue unseen
She held a hope untouched
She was what had never been
Her smile leapt from her heart to her lips
She dissolved her fears in iron of her blood
Her words could balm all unforgiving hurts
She stands unwavering in the mightiest flood
In solitude she sits amidst an uncaring crowd
Answering the questions of her pondering soul
Wipes from her eye a speck of dust
And a willing tear carries it away
If you sit with her for a while
She will talk to your heart and not to your mind
And when you walk with her for a mile
Your once better self she will gently rewind
In men's young language I may call her my friend
But my silent spirit will find a song
One that no words can begin or end
And let you how close you belong.
Very happily and lovingly dedicated to Aishwarya...
I don't think I am capable of telling the world what i really feel
my capacities in words are limited, but i hope you will like it...:) love you..


  1. Good work Rohini... And nice poems on blackriver as well... Perhaps we'll have a duet soon...

    Btw, if this is dedicated to Aishwarya Rai, I'd have to partially agree, as I am totally inclined to give it to Madhuri instead!!! :)... if it is some other aishwarya,, ignore this altogether :P

    Happy Blogging..


  2. hahaha!! mrs. Rai Bachchan? no God forbid.. she is enchanting but i am really not inclined to write sonnets for celebs... until ofcourse its Clint Eastwood or Gregory Peck. :)
    Thank you for appreciating, this one is dedicated to a really close friend. And you have an excellent blog! looking forward to the duel. Blackriver is sheer genius.