Monday, April 11, 2011

You said it the other day

You said it the other day…
It warmed my tiny heart
That you have loved me as
Much as mortals can…
Yes…tis true we can’t define love
But its profoundness has aroused my soul
Lost in slumber long
In my bosom you shall forever reside
For you taught me to breathe to live
And not survive
In your hands I have smelt the spring
In harsh winters,
In your eyes I have beheld sceneries
Of paradise,
In your voice I have listened to the harps
Of mountain streams…..
On a sleepless night I silently lie
To see the changing hues of the unchanging sky
And think of what we are together
And what we become in our solitudes
I cannot see your face
But yes, I can see you smile
I cannot touch you
But I can feel you as much as my flesh
And when comes the happy morn,
And the sun streams in my face
I lie in the stillness of thoughts
And think if all of it is fair
Your love is as true as truth can be
You hold me up, you become my shade
You keep my faith...
But my way is carved alone
The road I take wants me to
Surrender you…
It will snatch me away from under your wing
And bare me to ruthless life
But this is my fate
My purpose
If I do not walk this path
I shall never meet myself
Remember… when you had said
I am not just a name
I was fortunate to find you
And blessed to keep you
And I shall never tell you of
The grief that clutches my heart
I have to bid thee farewell
And begin a journey
To a land unknown
But u will always be there
Companion to my soul
Let me kiss thy forehead
One last time
Take with me a part of thee…
Do not lament that I have gone
For I shall never leave
In the nakedness of our truths
You know I will always be yours
Whenever, wherever, whatever you are…
I will love you
Till time bids adieu…

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