Sunday, April 17, 2011

Food for Heart

An empty glass lies in front of me..
So empty that it makes my heart heavy…
Surprised I am at the randomness of my thoughts.
This hour, my uncomplaining companion
Sits with me in the deafening quietness…
And when I am searching for the purpose of being alive
The wind gently whispers to my drowsy soul.
The bitterness of coffee still lingers on my tongue.
 I was seven when I had learnt to spell it.
In some strange sort of way, I had come to like it….
Without milk, without sugar, without company.
An open book beseeches me to read it,
but my eyes now behold  the breaking dawn.
And I am wondering, what am I wondering
Now, that the day has arrived.
I hope it is a better one for someone somewhere.
And here comes and sits this little blue bird
And sings me good morning in its heavenly notes
My soul smiles to my lips….
I bring her some water and a few grains of food
She acknowledges it most gracefully
Before I could check them, they come rolling out,
These funny things we call tears.
For reasons that words cannot put through.
I ask her to forgive me and my kind…
I hope she does, for she is not what I am.
I wish I could hold you to my heart
And tell you that I never meant harm
But then nothing I did to prevent it either
And now when I see you this close
I wonder, why, how, and when did i
So ruthlessly push you away
Forgive me my little love
For the vastness of your loving heart
Has dwarfed me.
Ashamed I am, but I love you…
I will until my last breath…
For today you gave me something
I never had, and I never knew..
She happily bids me adieu
I hope she comes to see me again
I now return to my day
After a long time not thinking
How loved I really am.
But rejoicing that today
I have one more soul to love.
For love nourishes the life within us.
And bears in us the fruit of hope…
That which will never die…

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