Tuesday, April 19, 2011

With Gratitude

My words may seem to you
Meaningless and vague
But for me…they are all mine
Through them I humbly pray
Through them my spirit rewinds
And those moments I relive
A sacred force that binds
All that which life can give
How I love to see you smile
In face of grief, at trying times
And while we walk this long dark mile
Through hostile roads and ruthless climes
Your hope eternal holds me up
And I promise never to fall again
And when we drink from nature’s sweet cup
Her gentle balm soothes all the pain.
So smile my mate, as the morning dew
That makes again the world shine bright
It is a favor that I ask of you
For it pulls me from darkness into that divine light
For so much in this  form we lack
Pitiable, selfish and vain
And when the earth shall take me back
Nothing shalt be left to gain
And then, in that humble form sublime
 In the soil, wind and water
I shall bless and thank thee through a rhyme
In your child’s love and laughter…

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