Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That you will not believe

It is the lie in my truth
The hatred in my love
The scream in my silence
The pride in my humility
The nothingness in my substance
The black in my white
The laughter  in my tears
The despair  in my hope
The winter  in my spring
That you do not believe
That you cannot see
And thus it’s not me whom you love
You love her what I used to be
No, nobody is to be blamed
It’s just between me and time
But this truth is a truth
That u do not believe
That you cannot see…
I live with u in a palace with broken walls
The plaster and velvet curtains
Have hid them so well
That you are only charmed
By its magnificence
I can tell you but I cannot show you
That disillusion in your eyes I fear
And when I hint it in conversations
You laugh and embrace me
It is the pain of this betrayal
That you do not believe
That u cannot see..
So I will live with it and you
And dread that day
When the curtains will fade
And the plaster will peal
That you will see the real
And you will loathe the traces of my shadow
 I know I will love you that day
With all that is left of my heart
But that day my love
It will become a little truth
That you will not believe
That you will never see.

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