Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spreading the Sunshine

Writing is perhaps the best gift of mankind to mankind. To be able to express oneself in the written word is a blessing. A HUGE BLESSING!! And those who are bestowed with it are incredible human beings. What sketches itself on paper from their musing pens is wondrous and beautiful, profound and moving but above all,  it is that pen writes on the heart of every reader. And they are never the same again.
My attempts at writing are feeble and stem only from the desire to feel what it feels to write. For it really is one of the most overwhelming feelings I am acquainted with. This effort was acknowledged in the most beautiful manner by the Quixotic Knight . He gave me the gift of sunshine and henceforth it is my responsibility to pass on it to deserving pen holders.

The first recipient..

Well… u really don’t know how you gift sunshine to sunshine. This unbelievably beautiful lady establishes such a profound connection between her heart and the paper that when your eyes behold it, you are stunned and often open mouthed in happy wonder. One of the most effortless, and sublime pieces of writing that I have come across.
It makes you think, it makes you thank,
It makes you smile, and colors the blank.
Its like that symphony that dissolves in your ears, flows into your veins and seeps into your tired soul to make it look up again. Anubha Tyagi knocks at the door of your heart that you are more than willing to open for her and she enters like an angel to bring in the sunshine. J

Recipient, the second

Its not everyday that you come across someone whose heart can uninhibitedly converse with the world and its inhabitants through the the humble medium of a pen (or keyboard). Anupam's "Reflections" tabout hope, love, and life are presented in such a delightfully earnest and profound manner, that you are compelled to read. I discovered him today itself, and thanked God for it. The language is simple enough to connect with the beholder and genuine enough to be felt through. And the delightful variety is bound to keep you interested. This blog is a must read for anyone who loves to think and ponder. You'll appreciate it immensely. Hats off to you buddy.
Keep Delighting!



Random blog hunting can be very rewarding sometimes.. umm. actually most of the times. Just discovered this masterpiece by chance and I am so absolutely glad that I did. When you come across such stunning work, you just know, that in capturing a breathtaking moment, there is a lot more required than just pushing a button.. Soulful!
Hats off to thee Brian!
Happy Sunshining!

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