Saturday, January 21, 2012


One of the most awesome poetry battles with the legendary knight, Kunal Mathur on the awesomest site for collaborative poetry,Black River Poets. Its a conversation between a musing solitary merman and a philosopher knight. :) 

In the realms of the depths unfound
The solemn merman dives
To find the remains of his glory. (R)

And each dive of his,somnambulistic
Search for that pearl,Oh so Majestic
It will soon become a Legend,This story .(K)

Bound in the ocean's purple curse
The salty waters destined to his breath
Escaping the hunting sights of the dorey (R)

Blues of life, The red of his passion
Mix the two and he beats the purple curse
He doesn't care, if fight is smooth or gets gory! (K)

Whirlpools dancing in his turbulent unearthly insides
Since ages unknown he rides the foamy tides
In his golden crown that now is hoary. (R)

O somnambullistic Pearl Diver, so hard u tried
Red, Blue and the purple, All colors they've dried
What do u strive for? You're alone now in this category. (K)

In this weeping solitude, my being survives
In it I drown, in it I rise
Wins and losses are for the Liberal and Tory .(R)

What rips your heart,I wonder? 
Oblivious to tranquility and thunder
Swim on, let go of past glory. (K)

They sink fatal poisons in my kingdom kind
Tell me dear Sapien , what shall i move on to find?
the piteous treasures of your Quarry? (R)

Some seek peace, some wealth sans restriction
A few seek nothing, clinging on to their addiction
Purple Diver, I hope you got the allegory! (K)

The sea is my morphine, it takes away the pain
in dying morality lies no lasting gain
for this shall the spirit be sorry? (R)

Your tranquility, intrigues me
Can heaven really be in the sea?
If that's the case, let it be my cemetory. (K)

Your Heaven is where your peace shall be
be it your your land or my drowsy sea
to seek the white of ebony or the black of ivory. (R)

What gives you the licence to preach 
Those who hide can seldom teach
Come out once O diver, You'll make history. (K)

Licence and history are the words of man
That thou shall end what I began
I have no feet young man, to end your worry. (R)

Can't come out, can't drown
All you can do is make me frown
How abt you, some formaldehyde and a laboratory? (K)

You brought a smile to my lips in decay
Lighting up the lanterns in the dark of my day
Nothing in the likes of sickening adulatory.  (R)

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