Saturday, January 14, 2012


Seized by nightmares
My hand reaches to feel the assurance of your beating heart
But finds none
For a hundredth night
I lie beside a crease less left
Wrapped in despair and longing
And I wake up to another nightmare
Of having to breathe in your absence

Some yesterdays haunt my corridors
Some yesterdays have said farewell
Some yesterdays had blessed my coldness away
Some yesterdays chase me to hell

Your laughter echoes in my hollow insides
Your words are scattered all over the place
Its a strange grieving quiet in this house
Like a shore abandoned by the sea

Doors still wait unopened
Rains ask for you
Your poems bleed every night
In my sweaty palms

Your guitar has refused to sing
It does not like my tune
The birds don't come home now
Even when worried by June

The drawers are filled with you
And I stand here, looking at them
Like a shipwreck
In the solace of oblivion.

Clothes smell of your smiles
Walls chose to be bare
 I never look at them
For the fear of their stinging stare

I lie back into the void
When the chimes sing with the wind
The curtains dance
And blinded by warm, salty sorrow
I call out for you

I can feel you touch my lonely breath
I can feel you kiss my bruises away
I can feel you the warmth of this quilt
In the pillow cradling my head
On the sheets

And gently on my lips
You place back the pieces of a smile
"You are here", I whisper, "with me"

The silence whispers back


  1. a poem so rich that it makes emotions look poor...
    almost an epitaph ............but do things so pure really exist?

  2. i m in love with this poem ROHU!