Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Rise

The night damp and stale
burns slowly through my sighs
Its wetness squeezes through
unmoving sightless eyes
Empty breaths echo
through the emptiness of insides
The walls are painted black
with wrath, hurt and lies
With the mirror's broken pieces
the image i try to make
With stinging quiet needles
i draw the blood to lake
Buried in the darkness
of airless howling caves
the soul chained to reasons
that red so often paves
is this the way i live 
is this the purpose of weeping hearts
to be broken by dark whims
to be brought down by poison darts
laugh at my painful screams
drag me through the corridors of hell
but then do not you wonder 
where this fire came to dwell
burn me down to ashes
i will rise on the stairs of smoke
drown me down to depths
i will rise with the ocean's cloak
cut me into pieces
i will rise on the sword's red edge
melt me into drops
i will rise on the mighty cloud's pledge
halt me with all your might
and curse me with all your will
its my sunshine that's your night
and my life to your death until..

{nothing personal} ;)


  1. When i read this.. felt like a musical.. an intense musical..a soft rhythm..made my heart slowly rise and rise and thud!.. beautiful..

  2. With this entry, You earn a new title. The Lady Kafka. You know the details ;)