Friday, July 08, 2011

And it rained

I heard a laughter today
Loud, clear, ringing
Cutting through the air i breathe
It did not mock me as i thought it would
For my unearthly insides are marred with guilt
My dark side may be more of grey
If it pours for a while, the sky would be clear
What a shame, i love this grey so often
But only because it rains
Sitting by the side of a half blind sparrow
sheltering himself from the pour
It sat in quiet solitude
At envious peace with himself
Allowing me a little space
For which i was grateful
I tried to hold the string of water
And ended up with empty wet fist
The sparrow didn't move
Pensive and content
The earth was laughing loud
Washed from brown to a happy green
And its spirit seemed to be telling me
Be patient... wait
If there is a burning sun, there will always be rains
You cant do without either
That feeling, i am sure you feel it often too
When you are away from all that is near you
When you ponder about who you are
and why are you here
Were you born to somebody's child, sibling, friend, spouse
employee, relative, enemy
or were you born for yourself
or for this tiny microscopic world
Can you listen to the voice that calls you
from afar
Drowned in the clatter of love, hate and war
I can when it rains
When at some blessed moments
I become a nobody's nobody
And then seeps in a foreign sun
And my grey turns a shade light
Live my friend, even if its for a day
To make an existence possible.

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