Monday, July 25, 2011

Prisoners of life

Prisoners of life
slaves of shallow breath
thy precious life is but
a dice in the hands of death
you think of the months and years to come
while your present silently embraces your past
you think of what you will one day become
and cease to be what today you are
your heart beats in the cage of your ribs
and prays to your soul for the freedom of blood
while you strangle it with the rope of fibs
and drown it in the ruthless flood
you always have tomorrow at hand
tomorrow you will be that one good man
while oceans wash your golden sand
and out of the gulfs of today they ran
into your haven, your safe happy land
with them they carried away your hopes
as u lie aghast on the shores of despair
prisoners of life
slaves of shallow breath
your veins contain the pain to bear
and now the grey clouds overhead cry
lament your dead future
remember your breathing past
and write your tales on winds that last.


  1. Hi, : ) Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. so awesome that it inspired me to write one.