Saturday, November 21, 2015

Coo chi Coo chi Coo.....

I am sure that those of you who watch Indian television have come across this ultra sleazy ad by Parachute Body Lotion. A woman is sitting in a cafe with a friend and cannot contain her excitement and happiness that she is at pinnacle of female achievement. Her husband is giving her attention all of a sudden. Physical attention. All hail her body lotion. Her friend obviously comments enviously, "Lucky ya!"

So this lady has a perfect white, spotless, scarless hourglass figure. Matching the shape of the lotion's bottle. Adding to her merit, she is "happily" engaged in the housework. Perfect. But that's not it. She uses this magical lotion which makes her skin so unbelievably soft that her husband cannot keep her hands off her. Dream come true. He keeps touching her in a lustful manner and says this- "Coo chi coo chi coo" is a way that will burn your nerves. The ad then shows the husband in a series of stop motion slowly getting attracted to his wife.

So besides that fact that this ad is a complete visual delight (sarcasm intended), it choses to promote the most archaic concept of womanhood. Not that it is not prevalent in our society. Our matrimonials still shamelessly publish ads for "Fair and slim" brides. But actively encouraging that image is appalling. So the realm of a woman's achievement ideally contains in her becoming the perfect wife. She should live up to the absurd standards of beauty, and probably kill herself if she is not able to. She should be the perfect housemaid, who cheerfully does all the housework. And above all she should do everything in her power to make sure that she doesn't lose her all supreme husband's attentions. Including wearing her outfit in a way that gives her husband maximum access to her skin.

What is more disturbing is the fact, that we have a censor which choses to shorten kisses in a Hollywood film for weird reasons but the Advertising Standards body has had absolutely no issues with these kinds of ads. Even among the audience, there has been almost no response. This is our biggest failure as a society. We accept these things. And when we accept. we encourage. This is not the only one of its kind. There are many other cosmetic ads which promote such misogyny. There are fairness creams, lotions and what not. There was also a beer shampoo ad I remember where men were being ridiculed about choosing "feminine" shampoos. I am ashamed that I live in a society and in a world that is okay with this. I am choosing to boycott all products which promote such notions. And if you respect yourself and the women in your life, you should too.

And for my future husband..whoever it is going to be. Dearest, if you ever say something like "Coo chi coo chi coo" to me....I WILL CUT YOU UP.



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