Friday, October 30, 2015


Blood and Bone
Breathe alone
The scars on your skin
And everything else
You lie about
Stories woven of Stardust
Until nothing remains but rust
And I cut my hand on the edge
Many million nights
And bleed till I fall asleep

Vast ruins of soul
Stagnant lake
Abandoned and crumbling
Beneath the weight of rancour
Tear on cheek, book in hand
A lamp above 
In the light of which
You slowly traced
The strand which pulled
The warp and weft of what was left

You love to play
You love to be blunt
Pretend to care
But you love to hunt
Free the bird
Shoot it down
Watch it die
Let it burn
Return home, call friends over
Discuss compassion and tender meat

Fire in the forest
Ashes and smoke
Afternoon rains
A blistering soak
Twist my nerves
To see if I scream
Pinch my heart
Drag me out of this dream
Kill the beast
Get drenched in her blood