Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Describing some of my most beloved laughters.

Ma- She doesn't open her mouth much while laughing and yet laughs freely. Also, she cannot, under any circumstance fake laughter. She will never laugh if she doesn't find something funny but will just smile politely. Its a joy to see her laugh and even more joyous to be the reason for that laughter.

Shambhavi- When Shambhavi laughs, I am reminded of the incandescent blooms just after it has rained. Its fresh and woven with glee. Though she has an awkward backup laughter too which sounds like a sheep having hiccups.

Pa- If he is laughing openly and showing his teeth, know that its not his genuine laughter. Its the social polite laughter. His real laughter shows through his eyes because when he is genuinely happy or amused he hardly ever opens his mouth to laugh. Its practically noiseless. Also he starts tearing up very soon which is very cute.

Ankita- Her laugh reminds me of a river on the mountains. Without dams of course. Carefree, adventurous, full of zest. She laughs with abandon. Without a care in the world. Without the concern for opinions. And its absolutely beautiful and extremely infectious. I love it when she laughs at my jokes and calls me funny. I regard it as one of my favorite compliments. One person I always miss when I laugh.

Dipika- Like a songbird. She has one of the most beautiful voices I know and her laugh is honey to the ears. Slightly high pitched, feminine, open and very very warm.

Richa di- Beautiful, clear, ringing laughter. Again someone who finds me funny. And I love to make her laugh. I love that its not a conscious laugh. I connect it to a mental image of a dove taking flight. Also love to be called "Gadhi" in her wonderful, gentle voice.

Aishwarya- Very musical. Its sounds like tiny glass bells ringing. Its always an absolute pleasure to laugh with her. Something we haven't done in a long while.

Varda- Infectious and absolutely charming. Her genuine laughter is mostly crazy and uncontrolled. Especially when it goes out of hand and she'd roll over on the bed. The other one (polite, social) is never used with her loved ones.

Ipsita- One of the most charming laughters. Strangely mature, alternates between free and controlled, conscious and carefree. But adorable in all forms. Her smile is her best accessory.

Vasundhara- One person with whom I have had the most number of pj parties. I don't think I have laughed so much with anyone else. Our jokes were incomprehensible to the general public and we were usually thought mad. She laughs wildly and freely and also releases laughter viruses to infect susceptible individuals.

Anusheema- Crazy, magical laughter. And always warm. The most beautiful thing about her laughter is that its so carefree and confident. Its like a thunderstorm after a crazy, hot and still day.

Atreye- Make Ansuheema and Atreye sit together and laugh and you won't even have to bother about getting their joke. You will just laugh with them. Laugh as crazily and uncontrollably and you will totally love it. Atreye's laughter will stay with you for a lifetime even if you have only met her once.

My own- As Linda Goodman describes the cancerian lunar laugh perfectly - "three hundred perfect hens laying three hundred perfect eggs"

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