Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Accident

Hurt and bruised and blue and black
With angry neck and swearing back
Walking stick and medicine rack
Funny bone without caprice crack! ;)

Half a dozen worried chairs
Maternal cries, paternal cares
Bandages in three hundred layers
We hope nothing happened to the stairs! :/

Good that there are fractures few
Good that she can happily chew
Arthropod with purple hue?
Wonders the bewildered nephew (3 YRS OLD)

Plaster adorns the best wishes now
Cousins at incredible clumsiness bow
They still cant really make out how
With "Holy Christ!" and "Holy Cow!"

Brandy thinks I should die soon
"One way to get rid of the buffoon!
In disguise let this be a boon
By Dog! she is such a loon!"

Pa thinks I hit my head too hard
Besides then, there is too much lard
Hence the madness of the Bard
Chases all phantoms in the graveyard


Purpose was the mindless rhyme
Sincere apologies for wasting your time
I know this is a serious crime
but then is most of Solitude Sublime!