Saturday, February 28, 2015

To Do List

Adopt a plant, name it Hope

Adopt a dog, name her Wifi

Have tea and red velvet cake with my demons

Learn pottery, basket weaving and letting go

Sleep in an open field

Get swallows in flight tattooed on my wrist

Paint a clown of my grudge

Learn a new language

Write poetry in it

Knit sweaters for pups

Sing my dog to sleep

Wear rainbow socks

Learn puppeteering

Hug a Panda

Make a sand castle with lights

Teach a spider to calm down

Make a new word

See the Northern Lights

Go on a solitary trip

Change the world a bit. For better

Bake twenty types of cakes

Find a perfect cherry blossom

Sit and cry beneath it, then laugh

Write a self help book. Read it.

Drape a white sheet and play ghost.

Counsel a ghost

Get two unicorns married

Become godmother to their kid

Teach a banana how to laugh

Sing at a rock concert. Scare everyone away.

Rescue animals

Rescue myself

Have coffee with the Moon

Go for a long walk with a Buddhist monk

Make a snow woman

Design a book cover

Make carrot pickle

Cheer up the bamboo plant

Flirt with a Deodar


Collapse. Rebuild.

Forgive. Forget. Remember

Add to the List


  1. Which one of these doesn't echo 'rescue myself' in one way or the other?

    Blasphemous Aesthete