Thursday, January 29, 2015

If you were to fall in love with me..

You might not find me waiting for you at the door
Maybe curled up in a corner with a book you love
Or maybe I'll come home with you
Maybe after you.
But no matter what holds us back
I will come home to you
Always find my peace on the pillow of your arm.

Sometimes you'd find me unreasonable
Upset, quiet, depressed 
Sometimes I'd let my gloom rain on you
And then laugh to see you drenched
But I won't let you soak till you get cold
I will always let the Sun in
Then plant all the flowers of your spring.

You'd wonder at times at the mess that I am
At the chaos woven into the hem of my skirts
At the hurricane plaited into the whims of my hair
Sometimes you'll get trapped in the storm
But I will never let you get lost in there
I'll always rescue you (apologize as well)
And weave the quilt of warmth that keeps us safe

At times you will be mad at me
For being predictably unpredictable
For withdrawing for an eternity
And then never leaving you alone
But I will hear your words, said, unsaid
And sit with you when the moon sings to us
Warm your palms with whispers of love

On days you'd laugh at my clumsiness
Get irritated at my hundred insecurities
Annoyed at my phobia of arguments
Drown in the flood of my manic mirth
But I will also write you sonnets
Listen to your dreams and complains
Sip coffee on our swing and laugh at the rains.

You'll call me "mom" very often
Tease me for fussing and cribbing
You'll get tired of counting the useless things
I'll preserve for memory's sake
But I will never leave the lights off 
And I will always find your smile back

I promise.