Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When no one's there..

When you are drowning
I shall float to you
For you to hold on to
And when you reach the shore safely
And breath back to yourself
I shall be carried away with the waves
Never to be seen again.

When you are lost on an island
I shall fly to you
Sit beside you and sing
Listen to your songs of longing
And when the ship comes to take you home
I shall disappear
In the anonymous wilderness

When you are alone and afraid
I shall come and sit with you
Brew you a cup of warmth
And when your friends come back
I shall return back to my solitude
Closing the door behind me.

When you write words that no one reads
I shall read them and love them
Show you the magic that they weave
And when the world gives you the prize
I shall slip away in the shadows
And come back here.

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