Sunday, May 25, 2014

Story of a Night

My dream sat on a drifting cloud
To have a word with the moon
Sang the loony song aloud
Surrendering too soon.

My hope sailed on a drowning ship
To reach the silver shore
The waters reaching down to rip
The happily ending lore.

A temple lies in ruins now
That God died a while ago
The mortals said they couldn't allow
His tombstone below.

A ghost packed up his smoke and laugh
And left the haunted house
Left some cheese on his behalf
To console the lonely mouse. 


  1. lucky mouse i guess

    lovely poem .. but sad sad tooo.. and you are right dos has died a while ago .. because they say god resides in our hearts and our hearts surly have become so bad


  2. Quite a night! Love your picturesque metaphors :)

    1. Thank you Dreamer..the Lunatic feels honored y your visit. :)