Friday, March 15, 2013

Thank you Good People..

Life with all its blows and bumps is still a journey we lovingly take.. and that is because some fellow travelers make it worth taking the pains.. Here are some of the travelers who deserve a special mention..


Beneath that bubbly and bindaas exterior is a woman with extraordinary grace and poise. Rising from ashes like a phoenix and the world would never come to know about the scars. You have loved me enough to humble my being. I am awfully glad to have you. I hope I get to do more "Toofani" stuff with you in future. And I hope you soar to unconquered heights. You have a priceless heart buddy! I'll miss you terribly.


I found some part of myself in you. Your presence in my life has taught me priceless lessons. In that so called "tiny" frame, is such an unbelievable amount of courage and grit and substance, that it leaves me awestruck. With you I have learnt how to value things in life. With you I have learnt how to stand up in the face of all aridity and disenchantment.You are priceless and I hope I have a friend in you for life. You'll be dearly missed.


Yeah I had unforgivable misconceptions about you in the beginning, and I am still surprised at how awfully wrong I was. You are such a wonderful wonderful human being ladki. Such grace, such composure, such compassion and such beauty. I feel proud that you are my friend. You have inspired me so much. You bring in sunshine and rainbows with you wherever you go. And you have the most enchanting voice. Just know that you have a friend in me for life. You are deeply cherished.


Innocence personified. I have hardly ever come across a human being like you in life. You have so much love and so much compassion in that little heart of yours that it drowns the creatures you bestow it upon. I wish the absolute best for you. And I know you'll do great in life. Just never cease to be the little angel that you are. I love you.


You have no idea how much respect I have for you. You are such a graceful and hard working person. You'll laugh, crack jokes, have all the fun and still beneath that I perceive is a quiet girl with little dreams. And I'm mighty sure that all of them will come true. You'll always be an achiever. And I'll always be proud of you.



What do I say room neighbor, except that.. "Whatever would I have done without you!" You light up my day lady. And you bring life to this often sorry place. You're out and out a STAR! And you'e sure to rock it! You have been my first friend in college and I have been very fortunate. Just be yourself and world is yours. God bless you. Now and always.


One awe inspiring lady you are. Truly a woman of substance. Thank you for all the pains you have taken in this while and for everything you have done for us and the college. I wish I had got to know you better. But nonetheless you should know how amazing you are and how much success is waiting just round the corner for you. Be brave. Be Proud. Be Happy. And Always... Be yourself.


I should have probably made better friends with you because its undoubted that you are going to make it really big. :D Jokes apart.. You are a great person Mani and I love the life in you. I've seen the different shades in you, the different sides and layers.. And I have loved all of them. The world belongs to you love. Go take it. Nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams. Wish you the best!!


Style diva.. You have never failed to surprise me. You are such a perfect balance of everything that you leave me wondering all the time. Its great to have been friends with you. I have had lovely times in your company. And I must confess I used to be all impressed with your absolutely logical arguments and point of views. In class or otherwise. May you have every single happiness that you are worthy of. And that means a lot and lot! I wish the best for you! Soar lady!


You've redefined grace. Thank you Aditi for being there. And thank you for maintaining your cool and composure in really trying times. I hope life has the most wonderful things for you in store. Be the compassionate person you are but do not let the world take you for granted. Ever. Take Care. :)


You're beautiful. Its true. In every single way. Stay Blessed. I'll never forget your "Jaadu ki jhappis".


One dude you are!  :D And I am so glad to have a friend in you. You'll achieve a lot in life Ankit. I'm absolutely sure of that. And the reason behind that would be the person you are. You have always been there. To listen, understand or lend a hand. And you have the cutest smile in the world! All the best buddy! :)


I respect you with all my heart. I have seldom come across such good people with such wonderful hearts. I can't thank you enough for all your concern and all your best wishes. Your appreciation and encouragement has always mattered a lot. We've had good conversations and good time. I'll remember you very fondly. Always.


You crack fellow! :D You are one amazing friend. You've been there for everybody. Try and be there for yourself as well. Always keep that smile on your face and keep the light of your soul alive. God bless you!


Thank you Rahul for all the wonderful things you have said to encourage me and for all the times you have been there. Thank you. Wish you the very best!


Keep up your faith and stand tall. There's no stopping you. May you always be as popular and more. :D RTV's troubleshooter. May all your troubles be shot down. Glad to have known you buddy.

There are many more of you whose names though are not mentioned here, but have been equally important and precious to me. Thank you my friends for making this journey a memorable one. Truly Grateful! :)
Joy be with you!

And please let me have a picture of all of us together. :)