Sunday, December 16, 2012

Just Once

Let me make a song of every breath
Weave a little light into my soul
Braid happiness into the whims of my hair
Allow myself a smile
The one that I thought I could never afford
Search for a pair of warm hands
To bless my coldness away
Make a coat of ivory clouds
To wear on my way to the heavens
Let me dance to the harps of a cherub
Or to the flute of Gokul's prince
Let the rains kiss my forehead
And whisper little sonnets
Laugh with me till we can love no more
And wash my tears away
Tell no one
It would be our secret to keep
Let me wash the mirrors
and learn to look in them again
To know that I and she that I look at 
were never the strangers we thought 
each other to be
Let her eyes say just once
You're beautiful
and let mine smile and accept it.
Just once.