Wednesday, March 21, 2012

For a temporary pout.. ;D

Pizza in kitchen.                              
Rohu like pizza. Ants like pizza.  
Rohu bite pizza. Ants bite Rohu.
Rohu look like Donald Duck.      
Rohu no like pizza.                          
Ants say Cheeeese. :/                        
(This was absolute horror for me. if only i had bothered to switch on the lights! :@ I would have liked to write Angelina Jolie instead of D Duck but then i dont want her to commit hara- kiri if she finds out by the remotest chance. Good for getting a temporary pout. ;). Actions were performed by an expert #at disasters# Readers are requested not to try this at home.) 


  1. I am still laughing at the comparison with Angelina Jolie :-)).

  2. Now, this is what I call an ant(i)-climax :P

  3. Sri- :D I mean no offence to the lady. Stunning she is.. :)

    Spooker Sri- hahaha! Yeah.. Completely ant-agonized! :D never
    ant-icipated the ant-ics of the ant-ipathic ants. Needed ant-idotes from ant-artica.. :D

  4. cant stop laughing!! made for a lovely read before i retired to bed!

  5. Hey Rohu..."water, water everywhere..."

    the post is up ;-)

  6. Funny :)

    I'm a little crackpot, cute and stout (just to match the poem :P)
    This is my hand and this is my pout :P
    When I'm bit you'll hear me shout,
    Pick the pizza and throw it out :)